Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

At Lemlec Solutions, we offer both air conditioning installation and supply on the Gold Coast.  We supply all major air conditioning brands including Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung and LG. 

How our AC Installation service works 

Depending on the size and layout of your home, and your heating and cooling requirements, we can recommend an air conditioning solution to achieve optimal results. 

We can supply the air conditioning units you require, or use units you have purchased. 

Air conditioning installation gold coast

As qualified electricians, we are able to install and manage all electrical requirements to get your aircon installed and running quickly at the best possible price.

Contact us to discuss AC installation for your home on the Gold Coast today.

Split system air conditioning Installation Gold Coast

Split system air conditioning means you can heat or cool a single room. 

Split system air conditioner installation involves two units – an indoor wall mounted unit, connected to a larger outdoor unit circulating air into your home.

What is the benefit of Split AC installation?

Split system air conditioning provides you with flexibility as no ductwork is required. 

Given the compressor is located outside, indoor air conditioning is very quiet, meaning Split AC is ideal for bedrooms and living areas of your home. 

Split AC systems are usually reverse cycle, meaning they produce cool air in summer and warm air in winter. 

Call us to discuss which options of air conditioner best suit your needs and budget.

air conditioner installation gold coast
split system aircon install gold coast

How do split ACs work?

If you’ve used air conditioning at a hotel or in another home, they will feel very familiar. Models are slightly different, but all aircon units come with a remote control or wall mounted thermostat allowing you to choose the temperature you like. Many also come with a programmable timer, energy saving mode and some even allow you to control your system remotely using Wi-Fi.

What is a multi-head split system AC?

Multi-split air conditioning means you can cool multiple rooms at a time, compared to a split air conditioner that only cools one room. It uses one external unit to cool several rooms. You can choose cooling-only models, or reverse-cycle for heating in winter.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning involves fitting ducting throughout the areas of your house you wish to cool in summer and warm in winter. Popular in many countries across the world for heating, here in Queensland, ducted AC will give you confidence all areas of your home can be temperature controlled at the flick of a switch. 

We install a large central fan coil in your roof as well as a network of ducts in your ceiling cavity or underneath your home, space permitting. 

Ducting can be pricier than other forms of AC to install, but is a lower cost option to run as it is more energy efficient.

Aircon Installation Gold Coast

We supply and install air conditioning to Gold Coast homes throughout the year, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

ducted aircon install gold coast

What are the benefits of our year-round service?

While air conditioning may not be top of mind in shoulder seasons or winter, it’s often a great time to talk to an air conditioning installer! Why?

You don’t need to wait until you are sweating in summer to install air conditioning! You can enjoy the warmth of reverse-cycle air conditioning in winter as well as the many other benefits of installing AC at traditionally off peak times.

  • Time – We have more time available to discuss your needs, than the busy summer period
  • You can relax – It will give you time to plan for the summer ahead 
  • Flexibility – Discuss options, do your research and book installation without feeling rushed 
  • Peace of mind – Knowing you will always feel comfortable in your home
  • Year-round benefits – AC is not just for summer. Reverse-cycle air conditioners can heat your home in winter

Contact us to discuss AC options for your home.

aircon installer gold coast

Air Conditioning Installer Gold Coast 

Headed by Owner Beau Lemin, Lemlec Solutions is an accredited Master Electricians member with years of industry experience. 

Electrical services are Lemlec’s passion, so if you’re looking for air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast, we are your one-stop-shop. We can supply, install and handle all electrical requirements of your AC setup. 

Contact us for more information

aircon installer gold coast
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